Labor law in the investment process. Longer parental/maternal leave.

We invite you to read the following post by Law Firm Partner attorney at law Jakub Stempski on changes to the Labor Code that take effect in the first calendar quarter of 2023, which will  affect all employees, that means employees in investment process as well.

Longer parental/maternal leave.

The regulations currently in force entitle the child’s parents to parental leave of 32 weeks in the case of a single pregnancy and 34 weeks in the case of multiple pregnancies. The new legislation extends these leaves to 41 and 43 weeks. In addition, 9 weeks of this will be due to the father and mother separately and the leave will be “non-transferable”, the parent will have to use at least that much, in the event of non-use, and the other parent will not be able to “take” the leave to use instead. Moreover, the amount of the maternity benefit will change and will amount to 70% of the calculation basis, unless the employee submits the application within 21 days from the date of the child’s birth, then the benefit will amount to 81.5% of the calculation basis. The amendment shortens the time for taking paternity leave from the current 24 months from the child’s birth to 12 months from the child’s birth.