Development Ministry announces fight against “pathological housing development”.

The Ministry of Development has published a statement announcing changes to the regulation on technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location, as well as to the construction law. In the press release, the Ministry states, among other things, that:

– “The Polish Economic Institute, in its report “Socio-Economic Effects of Spatial Chaos,” calculated that the total annual cost of spatial chaos in Poland is PLN 84.3 billion. The annual cost of spatial chaos per Polish resident is as much as PLN 2.2 thousand.”

– The Ministry proposes to increase the minimum distance of multifamily buildings from the border of the plot to 6 meters.

– “There will have to be a minimum of 4 meters between balconies on a separate balcony slab, and in the case of a shorter distance or balconies on a single slab, it will be necessary to use partitions of sufficient thickness and height.”

– The Ministry also wants to increase the minimum area of commercial units to 25 meters – the same as the minimum area of a residential unit.

– “Increasing the sunlight exposure for residential rooms to 3.5h (except for rooms located in downtown developments).”

– Changes are to be made in the development of playgrounds, their surface and equipment.

– Increase in public squares and plazas the biologically active area to 20%.

– Introducing gaps between areas that allow the neighborhood to be circumvented in a reasonable amount of time.

For detailed information on the proposed changes, please read the Ministry of Development’s statement. The statement is in Polish.