Real estate

The Law Firm has extensive experience in issues concerning real estate, in all matters related to their turnover, investments, development and real estate defects. We support clients in transactions, negotiations, and situations requiring representation in court and administrative proceedings.

The law firm deals with private and commercial real estate matters. In particular, we carry out legal audits of real estate, verify their legal status, and carry out activities related to planning and real estate fees, abolition of joint ownership, expenditure on real estate, or compensation for expropriation.

We work with real estate investors, property managers, realtors, architects, construction companies and developers, in the particular area of responsibility for business operations and the field of investment process. We have strong expertise in advising local government units on issues of real estate management and spatial development.

We provide comprehensive service on topics related to real estate, including tax analysis – with real estate transactions in particular. We cooperate with notaries and property appraisers on an ongoing basis.

Public procurement

As part of its activities related to public procurement, the Law Firm focuses on comprehensive service for both contractors and awarding entities. We take part in public procurement proceedings carried out by the contracting authorities. Assistance in choosing the optimal procedure and conditions for granting it, handling the appeal procedure, providing legal assistance in creating or changing internal regulations regarding the principles of functioning of public procurement in a given unit are services we provide. We also advise on conducting procurement procedures to which the provisions of the Public Procurement Law Act do not apply. We advise on handling contracts financed with the participation of EU funds. We support Contractors applying for public procurement and represent them before the National Appeal Chamber and common courts.

Public Administration

The Law Firm has broad experience in providing services to public administration bodies, budgetary units, as well as representing clients in proceedings before these entities.
We provide legal advice in the field of administrative law, with particular emphasis on spatial planning and damages resulting from planning. We represent clients before administrative bodies, during administrative proceedings, and in litigation at administrative court before voivodship administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Transport and Forwarding

The team of the Law Firm has a long history of experience in the transport industry, servicing both transport and forwarding companies. We provide support in the preparation and assessment of contracts used in the ongoing operations of clients, recovery of receivables from contractors, and disputes with employees. We provide comprehensive services in the field of compensation, both at the stage of liquidation proceedings and subsequent court proceedings, with particular emphasis on damage in shipment, damage caused by delays, communication damage, and other insurance claims. We have experience in international transport.

Legal services for enterprises

We provide comprehensive support for entrepreneurs in conducting business activities, from advising on the form of conduct to support in establishing that form of conduct, creative problem solving, and consulting on strategic decisions. The service includes both representation in court proceedings and support in negotiations with contractors. Our lawyers have valuable expertise in creating and negotiating contracts as well as internal documents of companies. The law firm also provides support of a tax advisor in all undertaken activities. We advise clients from the following industries: real estate, transport and forwarding, construction, consulting and employee outsourcing sectors, as well as foreign entrepreneurs.