Lidia Blaszka-Griffin

Partner. Legal Advisor  

+48 601 916 917

  • Real estate
  • Litigation
  • Negotiations

Real estate law specialist and Member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Poznań. 

She has many years of experience in servicing the real estate industry.  This experience includes work in the development market, coordination with local government units in the field of planning and spatial development, court and administrative proceedings for the construction and development of real estate and the construction process. She supports clients in raising capital and business negotiations. She often collaborates with both Polish and foreign entities.  

Piotr Loretański

Partner. Legal Advisor 

+48 693 563 966

  • Investments
  • Public procurement
  • Administration

Member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Poznań. He completed postgraduate managerial studies at the Warsaw School of Economics.

He has many years of experience working for local government units. His interests broadly cover common administrative law, public procurement law including the investment process and real estate law. The experience he has gained in providing legal services for public procurement includes work in tender committees. He has made appearances before the National Board of Appeal at the Office of the President of Public Procurement. His participation in court disputes in the field of administrative and civil court proceedings includes business negotiations. He conducts court and administrative proceedings regarding building and spatial development to include the construction process. The type of training he conducts, among others, is in the area of access to public information and public procurement.

Jakub Stempski

Partner. Legal Advisor 

+48 501 497 678

  • Transportation
  • Business
  • Investments 

Member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Poznań. He completed the Diploma in an Introduction to English and European Law course organized by the University of Cambridge.

His specialty is in business, construction and transport law, including international transport. He has years of experience in providing services to enterprises such as the automotive industry, including foreign entities. Cooperation with startups, enterprises of the SME sector, and corporate clients has provided him with valuable business knowledge. Entrepreneurship is another area of his interest as he has assisted with establishing several dozen business entities. His principal areas of activity are court proceedings, in particular in the field of transport and construction law, preparation and evaluation of contracts, and corporate services for commercial law companies. He frequently conducts training for entrepreneurs.

Michał Łomżyński

Partner. Legal Advisor 

+48 662 144 102

  • Real Estate
  • Contracts
  • Companies

A member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Poznań. He was added to the list of legal advisers in 2013.

He has many years of professional experience in providing services to entities operating on the real estate market – including owners, tenants, investors, homeovners associations and housing associations. He conducts court proceedings related to the investment process, including among others  contractors’ liability for defects in buildings, for non-performance or improper performance of construction works. He has experience in FIDIC contracts. He also specializes in property law, in particular in matters of transmission easement – he has represented transmission companies in several hundred disputes related to easements and the regulation of legal titles to land. He also provides services to commercial law companies as well as municipal entities and companies of the State Treasury.

Andrzej Goc

Tax advisor 

  • Tax
  • Audit
  • Real estate

His expertise was gained during many years in the field of tax consulting with international consulting company and through his own private practice. He often provides current tax consultancy, customer support in real estate and business transactions, preparing tax settlements. He runs projects related to the implementation of the IP BOX (Innovation Box) discount. Other areas of his experience include conducting tax reviews and due diligence research.

Paweł Biały

PhD. Legal
Advisor. Of counsel.

  • GDPR
  • E-business
  • Training

Member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Katowice. Expert in personal data protection, mediator, member of the Personal Data Protection Committee at the Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw, co-founder of the Institute for Personal Data Protection in Poznań.

He specializes in personal data protection, marketing law, copyright, intellectual property and services for the fashion and design industry. For many years he has lectured at state and private universities. Having authored of publications in the field of personal data protection law, personal data protection in the work process and personal rights he is well regarded as an expert in his field. He has conducted audits and training on the protection of personal data in public administration and business. He has extensive experience in cooperation with the business community (including e-business; services, applications and IT platforms, startups) and public entities. 

Joanna Kucharska-Kalcheva 

Lawyer. Of counsel.

  • Transportation
  • CFM
  • Business 

After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan she completed legal adviser training at the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Poznań. She has also studied at the University of Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg in Germany and completed one year German Law Studies.

Her professional experience was gained through law firms in Poland, advising entrepreneurs in the field of civil and commercial law, with particular emphasis on transport law, to include international transport law. Additionally she has experience working as a lawyer on the German market in servicing international entities from the CFM industry. She specializes in preparing and reviewing contracts, including with foreign clients. Her services also accommodate German-speaking clients.