On November 15, 2023, an amendment to the inheritance law came into force.

.The amending law provides for a number of changes, including:

1. no need to obtain the guardianship court’s consent for a minor’s rejection of an inheritance if he or she is called to inherit as a result of a parent’s previous rejection of an inheritance; however, the consent of the other parent or joint action by both parents is required;

2. expanding the catalog of possibilities for declaring an heir unworthy (persistent evasion of maintenance obligations towards the testator and persistent evasion of custody of the testator),

3. changing the circle of statutory heirs in the last group of the inheritance, excluding from the inheritance the further descendants of the testator’s grandparents, i.e. the so-called aunt’s or uncle’s grandchildren and further generations.

The coming changes, particularly in the area of family law, are intended primarily to reduce the length of court proceedings. The narrowed catalog of statutory heirs, in turn, is expected to reduce the need for the court to search for them ex officio and summon them to a hearing, thereby also streamlining the issuance of succession determinations.