We are pleased to announce another success of our law firm. In the case of one of our clients, a judgment was issued awarding the entire benefit under a group life insurance contract. After the death of the Client’s father, the insurance company, despite repeated interventions by the Financial Ombudsman and the beneficiary himself, consistently refused to pay the benefit citing insurance conditions that did not apply in the case. The Client’s father had decided to extend the scope of his existing insurance before his death, which the insurance company unjustifiably treated as entering into a separate, new insurance agreement whose general terms and conditions were different from those previously applicable to the agreement concluded by the insured. Only after the case was referred to our Law Firm and a claim sent to court, the case was closed positively for the Client. Our argumeents, recognized by the court convinced the insurance company to such an extent that the insurer did not decide to appeal the judgment of circut court. As a result of the implementation of the judgment the Client received over PLN 100 000. The case was conducted by Piotr Loretański, attorney at law PIotr Loretanski.